Our ACR (Automatic Content Recognition):

1.- Automatically detects

in 2 seconds the channel that the viewers are watching (or listenining in the case of radio) once they have downloaded on any computer connected to the Internet (laptop, tablet, smartphone,...) a very light app (in both memory use and CPU)

2.- Synchronizes

the television with this second screen.

3.- Sends the viewers

the personalized contents they wish ("opening" a specific area or a website on a social network or an ecommerce space, or a video or...) at the particular moment that is requested.

4.- Defines the profile

of the different viewers, including their tastes, nets… and knows their behavior and habits of television consumption.

Main features:

The average time to achieve identification is 2 seconds.

It does not require any kind of intervention in the content that is broadcast.

It does not impair the quality of the sound, because the audio signal is not touched.

It allows the recognition of the content and the synchronization of the second screen, from both live and recorded events.

It allows interaction through different types of mobile devices connected to the Internet (laptops, smartphones, tablets…)

It allows the continuous interaction with the user regardless of the television network (radio) that is watching (listening).

It allows the synchronization and contextualization of content sent to the second screen with specific moments of a broadcast, advertisement spots….

It promotes socialization of comments and recommendations from users, by allowing easy and intuitive interaction with the major social networks (social tv).

It allows to send notifications to the user provided that the application is open and connected.

It allows to identify the users, promptly learning their data and viewing habits

It allows a One To One relationship with the viewer.

It can be used in audiometry.

The number of programs does not affect the cost of deployment.

It allows full flexibility to changes in TV programming.

Its maintenance and updating cost is small.

It allows to include “a la carte” functionalities.

Technology in process of being internationally patented.