About us

A bridge linking television and Internet

We are a company with a proprietary technology that allows to join two existing major media: TV (and radio) and the Internet.

A bridge on which to build a technology platform that unites two screens synchronizing them

Our Automatic Contents Recognition System, developed with our proprietary technology and in the process of being internationally patented, recognizes in 2 seconds the program the viewers (or radio listener) are watching / listening; synchronizing their TV (or radio) with any mobile device connected to the Internet (laptop, smartphone or Tablet).

A bridge that sets a new way to interaction

We start with a clear orientation to the viewer who is able to interact with the television (or radio) content in a new and personalized way, being almost magic. At the same time we offer the channels, content creators, brands - whether they are advertisers or not - application developers… to create, develop and provide the new experiences that the current viewers are looking for: more complete, interactive, personalized, participatory and integrated with their social contacts

A bridge that allows to move from the old to the new television

Overcoming old business models and developing new by incorporating the identification and characterization of the viewers; knowing their television and social consumption habits and incorporating the potentialities that are offered to agents in the system to interact with consumers in personalized, synchronized and contextualized way through a second screen while watching television